Poseidon Aquatic Management FAQS

Certifications and Training

How much does the lifeguard class cost?

We offer discounted rates for our employees and training costs between $75-$125 depending on the class. For non employees the classes cost $275.

Why is lifeguard training not free?

The participants of the training are not employed by Poseidon until they complete their training. We employ certified lifeguards but offer lifeguard training because we are an authorized provider for the American Red Cross and have Lifeguard Instructors on site. If you were to get certified by the American Red Cross to become a lifeguard, the course would be around $275 and does not guarantee a position. We offer training at a discounted rate of $100 for participants that will work for us because they will also have to purchase a uniform.

What if I’m a certified lifeguard, but not from the Red Cross?

You can still apply. Contact training@poseidonpools.net and send a copy of your certification.

What do I need to do if I’m a rehire and my certification isn’t expiring this year?

You will NOT have to renew your certification and go through a class but you WILL need to go through a 3 hour refresher session at the pool to review your water skills. You will also be sent 2 PowerPoints and 2 quizzes, one to review Red Cross safety materials such as CPR/AED/First Aid/ and one to count for your rehire orientation. You must pass the quizzes and attend a water refresher in order to begin working.

How long does my certification last?

Your Red Cross Lifeguarding certification including CPR/AED/First Aid is valid for 2 years. You must take a review course (not a water refresher) BEFORE your certification expires in order to keep the certification valid.

What if my certification is going to expire this year?

You need to take a Lifeguard Review course. For the 2019 training season we do not have any review courses scheduled so if you need one please contact training@poseidonpools.net and we will work something out for you. If you worked during summer 2017 and did not re-train in 2018 you need to attend a Lifeguard Review or your certification will expire and you will have to take a new hire training course. If you took a rehire renewal course or the lifeguard training at Poseidon during the 2018 season your certification is valid and will not expire until 2020.

Where can I get my Red Cross certification?

If you gave us a correct email before your certification class, Red Cross should’ve emailed your certification directly to you after you class. So check your email first. If you can’t find it the Red Cross has View My Certification page. https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/digital-certificate If you still cannot find it, contact someone in the office via phone or email.

What if my certification is expired?

If your certification has expired, you will have to take a new hire training class.

Can I get trained at Poseidon and work somewhere else?

Yes, but you will have to register as a non-employee and will not receive a discount on training.

What should I wear/bring to training?

Bring a swimsuit and a towel on all days that you will be at the pool. For the days at the office, you will not need your swimsuit and can wear comfortable clothing. For ladies, please wear a one-piece swimsuit or a shirt over your swimsuit. If you get hungry, feel free to bring snacks to class. For all day classes’ there will be a lunch break and students will be allowed to leave to get lunch, have lunch brought to them, or bring a lunch and eat in the training center.


Employment and Hiring

Do I need to have a certification to be hired?

Yes. At Poseidon we hire certified lifeguards to work at our pools, but if you do not have a certification we are an American Red Cross Authorized Provider for lifeguarding courses. You can sign up for a training class today under the Training tab.

Do I need to fill out an application first or go through training first?

It doesn’t matter. But the sooner you fill out your application, we can send you paperwork to sign. If you complete all your paperwork before you finish your lifeguarding class, we can have you working as soon as you pass your class & pools open.

What if I’m coming from another company?

You can go through our rehire process (of refreshing or renewing your certification) but you will need to come to a new hire orientation day. (It’s the last day of any of the training sessions. Just email training@poseidonpools.net to set up an orientation day.


Where do I get my W2?

W2’s are mailed out in January. You can also find your W2 on viewmypaycheck.com. Instructions to log in can be found in your Lifeguard Survival Guide.



How flexible is my schedule?

Your schedule will be very flexible as long as you plan ahead. You can request off any days/times that you want as long as the schedule for that week is not published yet. We try to publish schedules about 2 weeks in advance. For shifts already published, you can trade or drop shifts online at any time.

What do I do if I have vacations scheduled?

As long as you request the time off before the schedule is published we GUARANTEE your time off, no matter how long it is. So as soon as you know you’re going to be gone, you can request the time off and it will be approved. You can request time off as soon as you gain access to the scheduling system so if you want to be gone for a month to go to Europe or another fabulous destination, request your time off early as a courtesy!

How much time can I take off?

As much as you want, as long as you request it before the schedule is published.

Are there a minimum number of shifts/hours I have to work a week?

No! You can request to work as much or as little as you want, just don’t miss the shifts that you are scheduled for. If you are busy and can only work 1 or 2 shifts a week, just let your team leader know. Remember though, hours worked is factored into decisions about raises and promotions.

Are there a maximum number of shifts/hours I can to work?

No! But try not to get too burnt out. You can pick up shifts at any of our pools as long as you (and your parents) are okay with it and you have a way to get there to the pool.


What is the work schedule like?

Your schedule will depend on your availability, the number of guards at your pool, and your preferences. The shifts are split evenly among guards at the pool. If you want more or less hours, you can pick up or drop shifts online or talk to your scheduling team leader and they will do their best to accommodate.


What are the pool hours?

Because we work with HOAs and neighborhood pools the hours at each facility are different, but MOST of our pools run from about 10am-8pm. The shifts are split into half days for more flexibility.

What if I don’t like my hours?

If you want more or less hours, you can pick up or drop shifts online or talk to your scheduling team leader and they will do their best to accommodate. If you would like to be placed at a different pool with different operation hours, please contact your director.

Can I just pick up shifts and not be scheduled?

Yes, if you don’t want to be scheduled we can allow you to be a flex guard and you can pick up shifts at whatever pool is available on the trade board, but you will still be required to go to a pools staff meeting.

Can I work here and have a second job?

Yes. The easiest way to manage 2 jobs is to give both companies separate availability schedules. For example, you can request off every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday morning if you have a set schedule at your other job and be scheduled the rest of the time at Poseidon or vice versa. However, Poseidon does not allow you to work for a competitor at the same time of being employed by us.

Can I work with my friends/siblings?

We do allow friends/siblings to work together, though we don’t recommend it. If there are problems we reserve the right to change your home pool.

Can I work in my neighborhood?

In most cases, you CAN work in your neighborhood. However, some HOAs have rules against this.

How do I pick/choose my home pool?

PAMC strives to place an employee as close to home as possible, if not in the neighborhood in which the employee lives.

Can I work outside of my home pool?

Yes, you can work at any of the pools run by Poseidon as long as you have a way to get there.


What if I don’t want to work a shift that I’m assigned?

You can put it up for trade or drop on the scheduling system. You will be given instructions for how to do this during your Poseidon orientation. However, if there is no one offers to take it, you must show up.


Why Should I Work at Poseidon?

Why is lifeguarding a great job?

We think lifeguarding is the best part-time job, here are some reasons why. 1. We love to get to see the sunset every night and when it thunders you get some down time to relax with coworkers and keep the facility tidy. 2. Lifeguarding at Poseidon is a seasonal, summer job so it won’t interfere with school work and you can come back for as many summers as you please, you can even skip a summer if you get an internship. 3. You learn skills that allow you to SAVE A LIFE! Not only is that an awesome feeling, but you never know how invaluable those skills can be.

Why is Poseidon the best place for a summer job?

We started as a family company and we strive to treat our employees well. We try to give our guards a lot of flexibility in their schedule because we know they have a lot going on in the summer. We love to see our guards develop leadership potential and responsibility, so we try to reward them with leadership roles! We have an excellent auditing program to help our guards stay confident and prepared in case there is an emergency. We also love to have fun! We have an incentives program with giveaways, we offer a scholarship, give regular promotions and raises, and we also write college/scholarship recommendation letters for many of our lifeguards! We’re going to have so much fun this summer and would love for you to be a part of it.

What kind of lifeguarding does Poseidon do?

At Poseidon we service neighborhood pools. Some of these pools have deep ends, diving boards, slides, splash pads, and water features.

What cities does PAMC service?

We currently have pools in Clear Lake, Pearland, Dickinson, Texas City, Friendswood, League City, and Manvel.

Are there any year-round pools at Poseidon?

We do not have any pools that are lifeguarded year-round, all our pools are outdoor and seasonal.


Do you offer leadership positions?

Yes! We start our guards off as lifeguards and they have the opportunity to get promoted to headguard, assistant facility leader, facility leader, and then eventually Team Leader. Each level has more and more responsibility and we have had many guards go off to full-time jobs and thank us for the skills they learned at Poseidon. We are always looking to promote worthy guards to the next level and help them out in any way we can.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer multiple scholarships for our guards who are graduating seniors-current college students. To enter the running, email brittany@poseidonpools.net for the essay topic! (All essays are graded by a 3rd party grader)

Do you write college recommendation letters?

Yes! We love to see our lifeguards succeed and we are more than willing to write a college recommendation letter for a lifeguard, provided they give us enough notice and give us the information for where to send the letter.

Do y’all offer promotions and raises?

Yes! We frequently give raises to our employees that we feel have exceeded our expectations and step up to the plate. We often promote, or award raises to our lifeguards as early as a month and a half into employment. Last year we awarded over 40 lifeguards with mid-season raises and/or promotions.